Hi - Welcome to my blog. My name is Mel & I have attempted time and again to start a blog. I keep changing my focus, and ultimately losing my focus. (Yes, I call this BLOGGY ADD!) In the end - I just don't keep my blog current because I don't feel it is successful, in one way or another.

This time around I have a clear idea of what I would it to be, who knows if it will develop into my dream - or something greater, but I am going to give it my best

I am a stay at home Mom and wife. My family is my everything!  I also have an autoimmune disease and struggle with depression and anxiety. 
I hope you'll enjoy my stories (erhm, yarns - PUN INTENDED) of my copious attempts at crochet, designs, crafting capers, some art here and there, general silliness, and sometimes a recipe or two. I also hope to bring positive awareness to mental health, as I know the topic sometimes lends itself to the negative side of things, by nature. 

I'm planning on using this blog as a quasi-daily diary of sorts - so if it doesn't gain a gazillion followers and be the "next big thang" I can still enjoy my efforts!

OK, the long/short explanation of the blog title:::
I am pretty knew to the world of crochet and yarn/fiber art. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been for lack of trying. Numerous amounts of library books have been borrowed on the topic in the past. There have been multiple people my entire life who have tried to teach me, but for whatever reason, I could not grasp the concept more than just doing the basic chain stitch.

I picked up a ball of yarn and a crochet needle again about 2 years ago – and armed with a youtube video on single crochet -- I started the journey of what will be a life of crochet. As I was yarning over, and pulling through, the countless times I have been taught/shown how to crochet came to the forefront of my mind. I GET IT NOW!!! I was trying left handed, right handed, upside-down (ok, maybe not upside-down) but in the past I was so frustrated that I couldn't get it that I know I felt like it a time or two.

I have found crocheting, as well as other forms of art, very therapeutic. I suffer from anxiety and depression, although using crochet & drawing/coloring I have been more successful at meditating mindfully as well as being more productive in my life every day. I have not been in the deepest of dark depression for over a 2 years now, and I thank my family for sticking with me and being a driving force to want to stay better. 

On Mental Health:::
On occasion, my husband has reminded me to label my feelings and thoughts, turn them around to positive, and get through them. Don't stay in the same negative 
thought process. Which, I know it sounds trivial, but it works. I have began to tell myself "Yo, Pull Thru!" when I begin to get in one of those moods. Sometimes after telling myself that I start thinking about completed projects, or plans to create something and then I'm thinking more positive just by using that phrase.

I also plan on hosting some posts, articles, videos, and other things I find interesting  pertaining to depression, anxiety as well as other psychological awareness topics.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and find some helpful tips. I hope it inspires you as I have been inspired by so many other blogs online. 

I would love to hear from you, please drop me a line. I'm open for suggestions, requests for discussion topics, new crochet patterns to test, and just a friendly "hello" also!

All the best!!!
YO-Pull Thru!