Friday, August 21, 2015

Mustache Embellishment : FREE Pattern : Happy National Men's Grooming Day!

It's National Men's Grooming Day, so
I "mustache" you...

do you still use the cardboard paper cozys on your coffees & other drinks?

If so, please consider using a reusable one instead. They're environmentally friendly, and most of them are cute, trendy, or very coordinating/customizable.
It's been years since I first purchased one, and believe it or not, my first one purchased is still my fave!
I'm so excited I can finally create these for friends, family, and YOU!
I used the 15min coffee cozy pattern by for the base that is pictured. And I came up with the little mustache design on my own.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy National S'more Day!

I couldn't resist making this cute little S'more Friend once I found out that it is National S'more Day! This one I get to enjoy and be guilt-free because he is calorie-free too!

You can try and make one too if you'd like: by Laura Triifecta
Get outside today and enjoy the day, wherever you are. Make some memories, and enjoy the last few weeks of summer! 

And maybe...make a yummy S'more or two.