Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year, New Blanket

Something I have had a hard time doing is completing a crochet blanket. I've completed and designed countless other projects, and I've completed a couple baby size blankets. but I have yet to complete a full size blanket.

I started out this year with an idea to do 2 rows a day in a different colour than the day before. (Do-able even for me, right?!?)

So this will be what I will name my Scraptastic Cosy Stripe Blanket. I am using the pattern by Attic24 found HERE! I also plan on posting each yarn colour closeup on my Instagram so you can follow along there. I'm going to wait to post the whole blanket until I'm finished with my rows. I honestly have no planned colourway or length, I'm just going to keep going - day by day - until I think it's done! How fun right?

I do hope you join in the fun with me! We could make a blanket together!!!

I've been given some balls of yarn in lots of colours that are pretty small. I'm hoping one of these balls will last for 2 whole rows! That would be perfect!

I HAVE wanted just to keep them all in their cute large mason jar on display in my craft area. They look so adorable all together! We'll see if they make it the 2 rows, and if not - you all know their destiny!

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