Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fluffy Cloud on a Stick - Wall Hanging - FREE PATTERN

I love all the woven wall hangings that are so on-trend right now. Though, I have not attempted this art, as of yet. I do, however, love crocheting decor! I wanted to share my January Crochet Wall Hanging with y'all. I made this last January and I brought it back out after the holidays!

It's the last day of January and I couldn't let this month go by without sharing this little project with you. (Is it just me, or is this year FLYing by?!?) I'm totally still in the winter mood. I love bringing the outside-inside by decorating with natural elements, as well.

Also, I seriously love Snowflakes of any kind, but especially Crochet Snowflakes! If you haven't seen my Crochet Snowflake Project Board, go ahead and click to check it out. This Wall Decor was one of the reasons why I created the board the first place.

The patterns I used for the hanging snowflakes are #'s 1, 2, 6, & 10 on my Project Board, but you're welcome to use any snowflake pattern you'd like.

My Free Pattern featured here is for the CLOUD that I wove back and forth on the stick that I found outside. (I told you I liked bringing the outside-inside) You're welcome to use a wooden dowel - if you like a more clean look, or anything else somewhat straight, to create your Winter Wall Decor.

Without Further ado:
Fluffy Cloud on a Stick
You can dc more or less than each time the pattern calls for multiple dcs. It depends on how "puffy, fluffy or full" you'd like your cloud to be.

ss - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
ch- chain
dc - double crochet
sk - skip
sp - space
st - stitch

* Chain the amount of times needed to cover your stick with about 4 inches remaining. (You'll weave it on the stick and center it once you've finished it off, so you'll end up with about 2 inches on each side.)

* dc in the 2nd ch from hook, *ch 1, sk 1 st, dc* repeat from * to * until you reach the end.

* Ch 3(counts as dc), turn your work, and begin to dc into the first ch 1 space, dc16, *sk sp, ss 1, sk sp, dc 8* repeat from * to * until you've gotten to the end of the row.

* On the end - dc 16 into the end chain and sc into the first chain sp on the other side, sk 1 stitch, dc into next ch 1 sp, *sk sp, ss 1, sk sp, dc 8* repeat from * to * until you've gotten to the end of the row, ss into the last ch 1 sp, finish off, weave in ends.

Now you're ready to begin weaving the middle of the cloud onto your stick.

All that I did to connect the snowflakes was take coordinating yarns and tie them to the bottom of the cloud in random spots. I then tied the snowflakes at varying lengths. I cut the ends of the yarn to finish and attached a piece of yarn on the top in two areas for hanging.

Hope y'all enjoy creating your little fluffly cloud on a stick! Don't forget to share it with me in the comments and on Instagram using #yptpatterns & #fluffycloudonastick!

As always: This pattern has not been tested, so if you see something that I could word different - or something you don't understand please let me know in the comments below and I'll do whatever I can to make it easier to understand, or make it correct.

Pattern Disclaimer:
Please don't copy or distribute any patterns or photos on this blog in any shape or form. Please don't attempt to crop my watermark from the photos and post them as your own. This is theft. Please DO NOT repost and/or sell this pattern as your own.
You're free to sell things you make from this pattern, I just ask that you link back to this post on your listing.
If you'd like to use one of my images for a link-back please leave me a comment.
I'm offering this pattern as FREE, so please return the LOVE and follow the rules of the disclaimer. 

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