Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snuggly Huggly Mug Hug - FREE PATTERN

The snow is all gone now - but I'm still craving hot cocoa! (Honestly, let me be real - when do I NOT crave something chocolate?!?) I decided when I came across this new stitch that I wanted to incorporate it into a mug hug.

It's called the crunch stitch - and it's a super easy stitch combo and it works up with lots of awesome texture! I love how my mug looks like it's wearing a sweater now!!!
Here's a video if you'd like to watch the stitch in action: 

Please be aware:
This is my first FULL pattern on the blog - so please be kind - I'm not a professional pattern writer, crochet designer, or yarn knotter-upper! I just came up with this design and wanted to share it with y'all. 
So if you see something that I could word different - or something you don't understand please let me know in the comments below and I'll do whatever I can to make it easier to understand, or make it correct.
I know I understand it all - but I also know that doesn't mean y'all will! (That's most stuff in my head though, HA!)
 Without further ado:

Snuggly Huggly Mug Hug

The supplies you'll need are:

Yarn - I used Lion Brand DIY Yarn
H hook (5mm) - Susan Bates Bamboo Handle
2 buttons - Snowflake Shaped
yarn needle - for finishing and attaching buttons
The stitches used will be:

Chain - CH
Single Crochet - SC
Half Double Crochet - HDC

Chain 15
  • Row 1: skip 2ch (count as 1 hdc), *sl st into next ch, 1 hdc into next ch; rep from * ending sl st into last ch, turn. (14)
  • Row 2: 2ch (count as 1 hdc), skip 1 st, *sl st into next hdc, 1 hdc into next sl st; rep from * ending sl st into top of tch, turn. (14)
  • Repeat row 2 (42 times) --- this is to fit a standard size mug --- you may have to do more or less rows depending on your hook or mug size
  • SC in every stitch across, chain 1, turn (14)
  • 3 sc, chain 16,
  • sc in first chain from hook and all the way down (15),
  • sc into next stitch of the previous row
  • sc into next stitch
  • 6 sc up the side of the strap, chain 5, skip 4 stitches 1 sc into remaining stitches (5), chain one, turn
  • 5 sc, sc into chain 5 times, sc into stitches 6 times, connect with sc at the base in previous row
  • 3 sc, chain 28, sc into next stitch, 3 sc into previous row
  • 1 sc in each stitch around
  • when you go all the way around - slip stitch into first sc and finish off. weave in your ends.
  • wrap mug hug around mug with strap going around the top of the handle and across to the other side of the hug. (see picture)
  • attach button where it fits best for the strap to fit around the mug all "snuggly huggly"
  • wrap the loop around the base of the handle
  • attach the second button on the other side where it best fits to hold the sweater on.
That's it! Now you can pour that hot water in and enjoy a cuppa!

p.s. What's your favorite warm drink to make for yourself during the winter months? I'd have to say mine is a Black Spiced Tea with a dash of milk and honey! 

p.s.s. If you make this I'd love it for you to add it to your projects and faves on Ravelry, and add photos too!

p.s.s.s. Tag me on instagram using the hashtag #snugglyhugglymughug. I'll pick a few of your photos to feature on January 31st!

Pattern Disclaimer:
Please don't copy or distribute any patterns or photos on this blog in any shape or form. Please don't attempt to crop my watermark from the photos and post them as your own. This is theft. Please DO NOT repost and/or sell this pattern as your own.
You're free to sell things you make from this pattern, I just ask that you link back to this post on your listing.
If you'd like to use one of my images for a link-back please leave me a comment.
I'm offering this pattern as FREE, so please return the LOVE and follow the rules of the disclaimer. 

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